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Quality Coffee Table Books Enhance Civic Pride and Prestige
  • Superior grade, full-color, professional photography throughout.
  • First-rate printing stock, cover and binding.
  • Text prepared by noted authors of your choice.
  • An impressive volume presents the character of your community.
  • A valuable commodity for sales, gifts and promotions.
  • A statement that can last for years to come.
Raise $20,000 to $150,000 for Your Organization Plus Raise Your Profile
  • Gain income through the sale of books.
  • Get royalties on the sale of corporate profiles.
  • No-risk or out-of-pocket cost.
  • Demonstrate your organization's role as a community leader and spokesman.
  • Increase corporate awareness of your organization and the work you are doing.

Dade Heritage Trust’s book Miami’s Historic Neighborhoods, published by HPN Books, has been a great success, with both printings selling out quickly. We enjoyed working with Ron Lammert and his staff, and we appreciate the opportunity his company presented our nonprofit organization to create a valuable historical resource for the community. — Becky Matkov, CEO, Dade (FL) Heritage Trust

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