Our Coffee-table Books Celebrate And Promote Your Story

The opportunity of publishing a quality coffee-table book allows you to present your community, institution or association with prestige and distinction. Best of all, using our proven royalty-sharing fundraising formula, these coffee-table books are designed to earn between $25,000 and $200,000 for your organization.

Our Concept

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HPN Books’ Proven No-Cost Fundraising Program: How it Can Work for You

What if there was a fundraising program that wouldn’t cost you anything and you didn’t have to devote a lot of hard work, time and effort in implementing it, and with no staff-time requirement from your organization at all? Does this sound too good? With HPN Books, this is actually true.

HPN Books presents an innovative fundraising concept that is an exciting, multi-faceted opportunity for both historical preservation of your message in a beautiful unforgettable format as well as a unique alternative method of income generation that doesn’t compete with your traditional methods but actually supports them.

The concept can be applied with any of our HPN Books’ historic Community Heritage or Cityscape book-series templates as well as customizing a book to your own personal needs.

The following organizations have utilized our unique book program: City and County Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, Convention & Visitor Bureaus, Nonprofit Organizations, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Historical Preservation Societies, Museums, and Public Libraries.

The opportunity to publish a high-quality coffee table book allows your organization to celebrate your historical heritage, and to present your community with prestige and distinction.

Whether you focus on preserving your historical legacy or depicting present day environment, you will have a tasteful publication denoting everything that makes your community or organization unique, exciting and noteworthy. All you have to do is partner with us and HPN Books does all the rest.

Here is how our cost-free fund-raising program actually works

You provide the content you would like included in the book as well as having editorial privileges.  HPN Books handles all the required book-design tasks including editing, print-production, marketing and sales, and may also assist in the hiring of renowned photographer(s) and writer(s) to provide additional content, all at no-risk or cost to you.

HPN Books’ 45 years of successful track-record in helping organizations and communities raise funding through the publication of Community Heritage and Cityscape coffee-table books show that an organization  or town of virtually any size can financially benefit from such a publication.

Beyond Fundraising, our stunning coffee-table books are an ideal medium for a City, State, and/ or Chamber of Commerce to promote Tourism and Economic Development, and institutions such as Museums, Charitable Organizations, and Universities to showcase & enhance their messages.

Our stunningly beautiful coffee-table books also make for outstanding gifts and promotional tools to members, donors, guests, employees, potential recruits, and partners. To find out more about how HPN Books’ unique cost-free fundraising program can help you meet your fundraising goals, please contact us at info@hpnbooks.com or (800) 939-5311.

HPN Books

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HPN Books was created three decades ago with the mission of helping to preserve in print some of the nation’s invaluable local historical narratives.

HPN Books Division offers a cost-free mechanism to help Cities, Counties, and State agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Educational, Charitable, Cultural & Historical Preservation institutions raise needed funding for their organization and community needs. Under the sponsorship of our client-institution (e.g., County or City Official), HPN Books underwrites the upfront costs of book-design & production and shares with the institution revenues from book and profile sales.

Cityscape Books

Cityscape coffee table books, sponsored by a local organization or local government, offer a stunning pictorial essay that captures the culture and character of your community. These photo journals show the vibrancy, activities, workplaces, lifestyles and diversity that define your region.

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Community Heritage Books

Colonists, Native Americans, armies, gunslingers, miners, railroad men, Spanish conquistadors, farmers or pioneers — your community started somehow, and an exciting past sculpted its modern face. These coffee table history books, sponsored by a local organization or local government, capture it all.

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Commemorative Books

Are you planning to commemorate your 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th or 100th Anniversary? Are you celebrating a historical or transformational milestone for your organization? How about doing it with a glossy photo-rich coffee-table book your guests, employees, friends, partners and even the public will cherish for years to come?

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About Us

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HPN Books is an operating-division of Ledge Media, a well-established specialty publishing house with locations in Southern California, San Antonio, Texas, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Historical Publishing Network, or HPN Books, was founded in 1973 as Lammert Publications Inc. originally publishing community and business newspapers, local magazines and directories for organizations such as Chambers of Commerce.

For over 40 years, HPN Books has carved out a leading position for turnkey design, production, and marketing of limited edition photography-rich coffee table books that focus on promoting the unique heritage and history of hundreds of communities, cities and regions across the United States, publishing thousands of distinct book titles for the Historical Publishing Network’s many sponsors and clients.

HPN Custom Media & Publishing or CMP, a sister-division of HPN Books, offers custom media & publishing solutions to assist in a hybrid of “professionally self-published” printed books.

Today, a proudly woman-owned company led by Ledge Media’s founder and CEO, the new President of HPN Books, Daphne Fletcher, a veteran publisher of thousands of books.

Clients We Have Served

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HPN Books is the only publisher with National presence in its market-niche and unrivaled track-record, as the Map further below highlights across the U.S.

Contact Us

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Email: info@hpncustommedia.com
Phone (Toll Free): (833) 533-4363
Phone (San Antonio Office): (210) 787-3993
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am–5pm

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